What is an ipsonian?

What do you call the person who sits next to you at work?

Coworker, associate, friend, peer, acquaintance, partner in crime.

“ipsonians” is our term for the people we rub elbows with everyday. We also refer to ourselves as a tribe instead of a staff. According to Webster, a tribe is “a group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest”. In its own way, the ipsonian tribe is a family.

If you have spent time in one of our offices (in Akron, Pasadena, or Greenville) you may notice our culture. We love to talk about it, actually. You may also notice the high level of banter, competition, and collaboration. We tease each other and have scaring contests like reasonable siblings might. We support each other and roll up our sleeves to work together when the workload is challenging. We provide a listening ear when frustration arises, a hug or high five when life outside of work is saddening or exciting.

How did our culture develop into this? It wasn’t overnight, that’s for sure. Most of it has to do with our values. We prize freedom, joy in work, creativity, humility, service, curiosity, and discipline.

Each person that makes up the ipsonian tribe adds a key ingredient to the recipe of our culture.
Everyone is a valued member of the family, and on days when people are out of the office, the gap is felt. Vince recently used an adjective or character trait that stands out in each ipsonian, see if you can guess who aligns with each word.

“When people look at that list, it may be surprising that we are talking about a colleague, because it looks like a list of the qualities you’d want in a best friend.” Sarah Cross

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