Women Outweigh the Men

Originally posted on ipsocreative.com

In our morning meeting Josh made the observation “The women outweigh the men now” and immediately the “foot in mouth” symptoms appeared. Red face, sweaty palms, shifting of weight to avoid a potential punch, babbling to recover credibility.

Josh Mitchell has a huge heart, and his biggest fear is to hurt someone. By no means did he intend to harm by his observation, he is not a content writer in any past or future life. He was correct, that the number of female ipsonians, now outnumber (or outweigh) the men, but it isn’t felt that way in the office.

“ipsoCreative is in business to help humans flourish, and that looks different for everyone” says Robyn. This also looks different for every ipsonian lady. Some work part time to help their kids and families flourish. A few more ladies split their time between ipsoCreative and their own businesses. Three ipsonian ladies flourish best with full time work schedules.

Women have had their roles undefined and over defined, as of late, and sometimes that makes it feel like they have to take on every role. Thankfully, those stigmas aren’t felt at ipsoCreative. Helping humans flourish has manifested itself by allowing the ladies to balance their desire to contribute to the workforce but prioritize their families or pursue their dreams in different ways. There is not a hard and fast rule when it comes to work and life balance. In What is an ipsonian, each person adds an ingredient to form the company culture. One of the base character traits of each ipsonian is integrity, which allows a decision to be made on a case by case basis.

Each lady is given the freedom to merge the worlds of work and other life priorities to create their own harmony. 

The ipsonian ladies have not been put in a box that they must be a stay at home mom, or specific role within the company. As a lady ipsonian, I have felt the freedom to be creative, define my role, and have a voice.  Each one of the ipsonian ladies are a valued team member and we are so thankful for their hard work.

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