New Seasons

Each new season allows for learning- to become stronger, kinder, wiser. To become a better coworker, leader, and employee. In those special moments of respite, the moment between the chaos, and the moments of transition lends the opportunity to reflect. In experience, an individual is molded, shaped, worn down or built up. But without the space for reflection there will not be learning. Space is key to debrief or unpack the experience, and to extract lessons that can then be applied to other moments in the future. Experiential learning is not in a classroom but in the mediocre. It only takes the time and space to learn from the everyday.
Our culture emphasizes our identity with our role. Upon meeting someone, one of the first questions includes “what do you do?” How do you slice a piece of yourself away when you that piece of identity changes. Hopefully the change is a move forward, or of growth. A boost of confidence and an addition to the identity and a resume. Sometimes the change is filled with mourning. for example the drastic role change of leaving a career for motherhood. Any change brings unknowns, and a natural reaction to “new” incorporates a good dose of fear.
The closing of a chapter can stir emotions ranging from sweet, to sad, and sometimes even a little salty. The emotions are not the enemy. They are to be felt, to be channeled, and reflected upon. Sometimes they can not be processed alone, that is the beauty of community. Being social beings, we need affirmation, competition, and care from those like us. (Yes -introverts need others too). As John Donne so eloquently said “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

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