Comfortable in Silence

One of my coworkers is a man of few words. As I want to be a better coworker and friend, I have been challenging myself to embrace the silence. To mentally rest, knowing where I stand in my relationship with my coworker and respect his needs. To be present in that moment and meet him where he is. The other day this specific coworker and I left the office at the same time. The parking lot is a quarter of a mile from the office door, and I took that time to quietly walk with my coworker, to observe the world but not comment. I noticed things I might not have, the chipping of the birds, the warmth of the sun, and the amount of the blue sky peaking out. When we reached the cars, I fumbled for my voice and thanked him for a pleasant walk. He smiled like a little kid, who just observed the secrets of the world, and fumbled for words as well and said something close to “see you tomorrow”.
This quiet time, created a change within me, a shift to be more aware of others, learning to be comfortable with myself, my thoughts, and my surroundings. I knew deep down that I don’t need to prove anything to those I work with, yet the resistance loves whispering lies. My intention are not to benefit myself and this exercise proved that. I love sharing my thoughts and new learnings but not everyone wants to hear. I recentered on “What is this for?” And it didn’t have a good reason, so “if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all”

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