Letter to Myself Post altMBA

Be present- with your family, with your current job, and with yourself. Be a good finder everyday, also dance with the fear- do the hard work first and fight the resistance. How have you been empathic? How have you loved yourself lately and given yourself an A? Have you been trying something new recently? How are you empowering those around you? Acknowledging the sunk costs but letting them be gifts from the past. How are you investing in those around you? Through compliments but also through kindness and challenge when needed. Be generous but also learn to say no so you can say yes to the things that are most important. Stay connected to the alumni and your three groups. I know it’s hard but very worth it! These are your people- those that want to level up, who have the same mindset even though the goals are very different than yours and that’s good!
Give yourself permission to be a good boss to yourself. Let things go that you have no control of, and don’t let the lizard brain control you.

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