A person can’t fully focus on their purpose and future until they lay to rest their past. Each trial and hard season shape and strengthen you. Maybe the three years of hardship will guide and prepare me. The pivot from the dreams I held so tight in my youth, of dirt bagging, working in the non-profit realm, and living care free, was not that path to my greater purpose. Maybe the harsh shift in the beginning of our marriage will set my trajectory where I could not imagine otherwise. Four years ago I would not have desired the vision I am now passionate about. I would not have seen the vision of bringing shalom (peace and joy) to the work environment. I would not have the connections and opportunities that desperation pushed me towards. Little did I know, in generously pouring my efforts to further the organizations I worked for, has given back to me multitudes. Ultimately that path my feet now walk is more beautiful and fulfilling than I could have dreamed. That richness and revelation had to be grown from seasons of hardship and pain. Those hardships shaped my character, matured me, and ultimately pruned the parts that needed to grow in a different direction.

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