Why I Dislike Marketing but Work at an Agency.

June 14, 2019

I love working with creative’s. I love to formulate structures that are tailored specifically to work with creative processes. That give freedom to dream but a backbone to deliver the needed outcome. The ultimate desire is to stadel a process that benefits both clients and creator. That delivers with excellence to the client, and gives the creative space to create something out of nothing. 

If only I could work with creative’s without trying to sell something. 

Marketing is trying to sell a different future, to sell a new lifestyle. To make the consumer unsatisfied with what they already have so that they buy your widget. 

What if instead of creating a false urgency what if we created things that matter, things that the creative, the consumer and the manufacturer all value. 

What if instead of saying there is more to consume what if we said less is more. What if the message one the TV or Billboard urge others to “take care of what you have”, or even “get rid of any access”. 

Maybe I’ve been exposed to other cultures that live with less and are happier. Or maybe deep down I still have some hippie roots. Regardless, I applaud companies like ipso, IDEO, and Patagonia – for striving to create things that matters, willing to admit that less can be more.

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