Work Space- we choose to collaborate and cohabitate

Originally posted to Oct 17, 2018

Four years ago, ipso made the strategic decision to launch a satellite office in Pasadena, California by sending one of our partners, Jon Taylor, out as our pioneer. At that time, we had a growing presence on the West Coast and the decision was founded on our belief that being in physical proximity to our clients was going to be a core value. 

Two years later, we opened another office in South Carolina by sending Brent Warwick to develop new business in the growing city of Greenville.

The goal to maintain one culture in three locations was paramount, and as such, the physical space was important to us. We deeply believe in how a sense of place can bring people together and foster a shared sense of curiosity, collaboration, and serendipity. A purposefully crafted physical environment helps employees feel well cared for, clients feel your hospitality and inspires imagination and creativity and excellence in all. More so, inspiration outpours when you get multiple creatives and entrepreneurs together. 

In Greenville and Pasadena, our efforts are contributing to a collaborative community by locating in coworking space. 

Jon currently leads our West Coast operations out of the CTRL Collective building in Old Town Pasadena. He shares an office with Zack Johnson, an independent filmmaker, producer, editor, who has worked on a variety of project with us on the West Coast. As our physical locations have expanded, our contribution to a collaborative community has moved beyond our staff outward to our creative partners and our clients. “Business provides the context for the start of a lot of relationships, but it is our desire that those relationships have meaning and provide value far beyond that context.”

Brent selected Textile Hall in the Village of West Greenville to be ipso’s home in South Carolina. Textile Hall is a co-working space for the “greater good.” We’ve joined a community of entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and non-profits, working to make the community better through business. We share that mission and believe “that works of our hands in business is simply what we do in order to tangibly serve others. Underneath all of that work is a foundational belief that business exists for the common good, the flourishing of individuals and communities.”

We welcome current and past clients to cohabitate or borrow our space, and we truly enjoy working in our client’s offices’ from time to time. We love collaboration- with clients, with other businesses, with personal projects.

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