Work Space- we choose to collaborate and cohabitate

Originally posted to Oct 17, 2018 Four years ago, ipso made the strategic decision to launch a satellite office in Pasadena, California by sending one of our partners, Jon Taylor, out as our pioneer. At that time, we had a growing presence on the West Coast and the decision was founded on our beliefContinue reading “Work Space- we choose to collaborate and cohabitate”

Why I Dislike Marketing but Work at an Agency.

June 14, 2019 I love working with creative’s. I love to formulate structures that are tailored specifically to work with creative processes. That give freedom to dream but a backbone to deliver the needed outcome. The ultimate desire is to stadel a process that benefits both clients and creator. That delivers with excellence to theContinue reading “Why I Dislike Marketing but Work at an Agency.”

Letter to Myself Post altMBA

Be present- with your family, with your current job, and with yourself. Be a good finder everyday, also dance with the fear- do the hard work first and fight the resistance. How have you been empathic? How have you loved yourself lately and given yourself an A? Have you been trying something new recently? HowContinue reading “Letter to Myself Post altMBA”

Stigmas in the Workplace

Sunday, I had 8 hour call scheduled with 3 strangers. Ok not complete strangers, we were all participants in the altMBA. We were tasked “… to pick something you’re working on and clearly and thoroughly state the constraints, and then turn it upside down and describe what you would do if you could find new assets toContinue reading “Stigmas in the Workplace”

Women Outweigh the Men

Originally posted on In our morning meeting Josh made the observation “The women outweigh the men now” and immediately the “foot in mouth” symptoms appeared. Red face, sweaty palms, shifting of weight to avoid a potential punch, babbling to recover credibility. Josh Mitchell has a huge heart, and his biggest fear is to hurt someone. By noContinue reading “Women Outweigh the Men”