The Un-Résumé

Everyone can agree the résumé is not fulfilling its original intent- to showcase an individual’s skills, work experience and if they would be a good fit with the company they are applying to. 

A small group of us asked “how might we…” and created a framework to inspire individuals to bring the human element back to their résumé to truly show head, heart and briefcase.

What is this for? 

  • Helping career shifters and changers better stand out to employers. 
  • Show, don’t tell. 
  • Self-discovery embedded in this process 

Who is this for? 

  • Linchpin figures, more modern, digital workers.

The Framework


Self guided diagnostic in the form of prompts. The goal is to stir the creator to think outside of the normal résumé boundaries.


Turn the prompts into a deliverable. We provide inspiration to create a unique un-résumé.


Gain feedback by leveraging personal networks, live coaching, or our online platform to enhance your deliverable.

Find Companies:

Find the channels to connect with ideal companies and present their model well.