Connect with Companies

We’ve helped you lay the groundwork, now it’s your turn. This section is how you tap into your networks. This is the most vital piece but also the piece that is totally your responsibility. We can give some inspirations and suggestions but that most successful will be one you come up with to create movement around you. It doesn’t need to be a parade or a party (but it could be). This can be an event, a few cups of coffee, a dinner party, or a generous act that connects you to others that may be a guide on your path to finding the right job. Not a transaction, but a simple question to bring your un-resume or work desires to the thoughts of others who may know of the right fit for you.

What is the chatter ball that gets your social networks talking about you and your skills set. An idea you’ve put into the world or connected with.

We would love to know what you created! Tag us on LinkedIn #unresume or share your deliverable with us through email!