Now it is time to take all the hard questions and find the thread that connects them. The prompts would be a working model to then create an un-résumé.

Most importantly you are trying to hit a semiotic home run. Something that connects your skills with the format you chose or shines your capabilities. Show don’t tell.

Some examples:

  • Choosing to create a coloring book un-resume would show you help de-stress people.
  • A baseball card is semiotic of how you work in a team.

We are aware that there are certain boundaries to work within the current system. Some of those BOUNDARIES may include:

  • Must be transmittable by email
  • Should probably be Word- and PDF-compatible
  • Not to exceed one page (some portion of this must be one shareable page)
  • Reasonable margins and type sizes
  • Not more than two typefaces
  • Must clearly show your name and contact info

Other Resources: Vocabulary for “Soft Skills” in the An Encyclopedia of Real Skills section of Seth’s Blog.

We provide a handful of inspirations but the possibilities are endless.