Lauren Ploof

Project/Account Manager

Project manager with a history of successfully managing outlier client accounts with needs that deviate from standard operating procedure. Highly valued client point of contact, able to connect with a variety of people, and communicate with authenticity and respect to ensure all people feel heard and cared for – even in difficult conversations. Skilled at long-term timeline and budget forecasting and building effective teams with the expertise and cooperation to bring a concept from idea to reality.

How I apply my skills to my work:

  • Contributor on all accounts, including developing client email campaigns, landing page structure/creation, content management in CMS, keyword research, marketing funnel strategy, GA, GTM, Datastudio dashboard creation.
  • Primary point of contact for 22 client accounts; work spanned website design and development and digital marketing projects.
  •  Budget/timeline forecasting for client projects with average projects length of six months.
  • CRM migration for agency, built and maintenance of MQL workflows, and additions with new campaigns.
  • Prepared KPI analysis reports and presentation materials for clients (holistic digital marketing).