I’m never sure where the path is going to lead, but why not celebrate each moment, dance with the fear, and embrace those you live life with.

My Projects

The Un-Resume Project

Everyone can agree the Résumé is not fulfilling its original intent- to showcase an individual’s skills, work experience and if they would be a good fit with the company they are applying to. A small group of us asked “how might we…” and created a framework to inspire individuals to bring the human element back to their Résumé to truly show head, heart and briefcase.

Mediocre Super Power

It all start on my first week of a new job. I was a bit intimidated to tackle the feat of getting to know a team 573 miles away. I decided to pull out every clever icebreaker and the question seemed to stick. With clients, with friends, with youth retreats, and an industry meet up for stampers. The question was loved by so many and the creativity shared was always a good laugh.


I’ve had the opportunity to teach in a number of platforms. From Leading and trained Co.Starters Facilitator for our local chapter of micro-business starters class, Village Launch. My passion to help guide other’s on their journeys is applied in my day-to-day as well as bigger opportunities stated above. My favorite is the ah-ha moments when all the pieces click or some one discovers their capabilities were greater than when they started.

About Me

It’s easy to see my energy and drive to help others flourish and accomplish things that matter. I am remarkably responsible, acutely aware of others, and full of encouragement and support to everyone I know. I have a remarkable ability to connect with a variety of people, and authenticity in all my communications to help people feel heard and cared for.

I am equipped with organizational resources to turn well-meaning intentions into action, with an extraordinary ability to organize people. The main thing that has been validated is my outstanding work ethic, internal motivation and my desire to learn, grow, and contribute. Learning to live in tension, and dance with fear.


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